Notes on Sewn Text

Notes on Sewn Text and Anna Maria Garthwaite


From Where I’m Looking Mr Lekeux Parts I and II

The first part of the exhibition, From Where I’m Looking Mr Lekeux (2010) was a site-specific work relating to Anna Maria Garthwaite and her client Monsieur Lekeux.

Anna Maria Garthwaite lived at 2 Princelet Street in Spitalfields, London where for the next thirty years of her life she created over 1,000 designs for the silk industry. 874 of these are now in the Print Library at the Victoria and Albert Museum. Many of her designs note the name of the silk weavers to whom they were sold together with weaving and colour instructions. One of her main clients was Peter Lekeux (1717-1768) son of a Huguenot refugee who also lived in Princelet Street and who at one time supervised 150 looms. There is a waistcoat in the Metropolitan Museum in New York that was designed by Garthwaite and woven by Lekeux.